CoverLink™ Wireless Control Assembly Kit

Cover Pools
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Cover Pools CoverLink™ Wireless Control Assembly Kit includes all of the hardware needed to upgrade your Cover Pools system from a standard key controlled system to a Wireless TouchPad controlled system.  The CoverLink™ digital technology allows you to program access codes for access to the pool cover system and much more.

• Easy-to-use TouchPad
• Program up to 4 unique codes
• Includes master code for service and for pool owner
• Built-in memory card remembers information even if power is interrupted
• Can be installed on a wall or into a standard light switch box
• Separate control pads can operate the same pool cover
• LED lights show signal operation
• Water-resistant construction
• Can be installed with existing systems
• No key needed

Key Information:

- Includes:

- Wireless Touchpad

- Auto Stop Board

- Wireless Receiver

- Antenna

- Hardware Pack

- Only works with Cover Pools systems


Parts Included In This Assembly:

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CoverLink™ Wireless Antenna Kit
CoverLink™ Wireless Control TouchPad w/Mounting Box
Auto Stop Limit Board - ONLY
N.A. 180216
Coverpools Coverlink Wireless Receiver 916 mhz in Enclosure