Auto Stop Limit Board - ONLY

Cover Pools
Please contact your local pool company. Thank you -

Auto stop technology, when set-up correctly will stops the pool cover at each end of the pool without producing a hard "Impact".  This technology adds longevity to the life of the motor and eliminates unnecessary wear on the cover as well as the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Key Information:

  • - Circuit Board ONLY - NO Plastic Housing
  • - Does not replace the 5 wire board Part# 050259
  • - Replaces all previous boards including 050338 & 050440
  • - Adjustable amp limiter overload safety circuit
  • - Works with the Big Red motor
  • - Is a 3 wire board (The new board when installed will have a couple of wires that will have no purpose)
  • - Compact potted waterproof design