Under-Track 12" Lid Bracket (Set of 2)

$ 96.32

Coverstar Under-Track 12" Lid Bracket (Set of 2)

These brackets are sold as a set of 2 and are used with the Coverstar Standard Aluminum Lid (#A0025) as well as the (#A2432) Under-Track Flat Hinge Lid

NOTE: If a custom size lid bracket is needed due to a non standard size recessed housing, please let us know & we will be happy to provide a quote for you.


Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. M9795
Lid Bracket & Hardware 90 Degree UG XL Used w/9" Hinge - 12"
Plastic Cement Anchor #12 Blue (12 Pack)
Screw Used to Mount Unit & Lid Brackets (12 Pack)