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Torque Limiter Assembly (Complete) - CS1800/CS3000

$ 305.19

Coverstar Torque Limiter Assembly (Complete)

A mechanical torque limiter protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress. Other automatic covers often us an electronic torque limiter that can fail in the harsh pool environment.

Key Information:

  • - For CS1800 & CS3000 (Prior to 5/2013)
  • - Comes With All Parts

Note: If you have a Secure-matic system that was manufactured by Cantar or WET, these blocks will not fit in that Torque Limiter Housing.  The Secure-matic replacement blocks are no longer available.   You can however remove & replace the old Torque Limiter with the Torque Limiter from Coverstar (Part # A0127).  The shaft size and spacing are identical to the Coverstar design and thus would work as a replacement with little to no modifications needed.