Rope Repair Kit with Webbing - 125'

Pool Cover Specialist (PCS)
$ 171.63

Rope Repair Kit with Webbing - 125' (up to 50' Track Length)

Rope Repair Kit up to 50' Track Length - rope is 125' long.  This is enough to repair one side only; if both sides of cover require repair, order a quantity of 2.  The rope is sewn into a section of Dacron Webbing.  To attach it to the front corner of the cover will require a sewing awl or sewing machine.

Key Information:

- A Sewing Awl Can Be Purchased; It Is Part #X403052

- Kit Comes With Small Section of Webbing

Video on rope repair



Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. 87501YD
Thread Poly UV Tex 210 White YARDS
White Dacron Webbing 8" Wide (Per Ft.)