Heat Sealed 3 1/2" Webbing - Tan (Per Ft.)

$ 5.13

Heat Sealed 3 1/2" Webbing - Tan (Per Ft.)

Color Matched Cover Webbing

Coverstar’s exclusive color matched webbings are an aesthetically pleasing option and are even longer lasting than white webbing due to color pigments that reduce UV light exposure to the fabric.

Exclusive Heat Sealed Webbing

Most automatic safety pool cover manufacturers wrap webbing material around rope and sew it to the cover. Unfortunately, with this attachment method the webbings often fail before the fabric does. To solve this problem Coverstar invented and patented a process whereby the rope is replaced with a flexible polymer bead and the webbing is heat seal bonded to the cover fabric in one step. This patented process is a substantial improvement over the common webbing attachment method and provides substantially longer webbing life and improved operation of the cover.