13" Adjustable Lid Bracket Arm with Base

$ 189.27

13" Adjustable Lid Bracket Arm with Base 

The 13" Adjustable Walk-on Lid Bracket with stainless steel base & support arm are designed to support all types of lids: aluminum, stone & concrete.  Holes have been added to increase both rigidity & mounting options.  These same holes can also be used to attach a bonding lug to the lid bracket. (Bonding lugs not included with this part).  The lid support arms now include slots that will be used with the lid extension kits.  Lid should not be more than 2" longer then support arm.

If a longer bracket is necessary, extensions may be used with this bracket.  These extensions attach to the support arm and are sold separately:

- A3326 - Lid Bracket Extension Kit to increase Width to 4 1/2"

- A2393 - Lid Bracket Extension Kit 15-17" (11 3/4" Long) SS

- A2364 - Lid Bracket Extension Kit 17-19" (13 3/4" Long) SS

- A2376 - Lid Bracket Extension Kit 19-21" (15 3/4" Long) SS

- A2365 - Lid Bracket Extension Kit 21-23" (17 3/4" Long) SS


Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. A1874
Screw - PPMS #10 - 32 x 1/2" SS - 2 Pk. (H0152)
N.A. A2391
Adj. Lid Bracket Base Only SS (w/Stiffener)
13" Adjustable Lid Bracket Arm (No Base)
N.A. H9733
Bolt - 3/8" - #16 x 2 1/4" HH SS