Under-Track Rope Slider Assembly (Set of 2)

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through May 1, 2024

Coverstar 801/403 Black Under-Track (Detachable Rope Slider Assembly Set)

This Coverstar Under-Track Slider is used in many different Under Guide/Track Assemblies. This Slider is made out of Delrin Plastic (Polyoxymethylene) and it combines low friction and high wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. It provides a wide operating temperature range, good colorability and good mating with metal and other polymers, as well as dimensional stability in high precision molding.

Coverstar uses a detachable rope on the slider for two main reasons. One reason is for the increased longevity of the pool cover’s fabric at the front of the cover. This slider allows the rope to be attached to the leading edge bar, limiting the amount of damage on the front of the cover. The second reason is that this slider allows the cover to open more stable and fluid.

Key Information:

- Color: Black

- Ropes Can Be Installed Without Sewing

- Easy To Service

- Both Right and Left

- For 801, 801A & 403

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. A3641
801/403 Detachable Rope UT Black Slider Right 418
N.A. A3642
801/403 Detachable Rope UT Black Slider Left 418

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