Under-Track Repair Sliders for Small Channel (Set of 2)

Automatic Pool Covers (APC)
$ 125.50

APC Under-Track Repair Gliders with Screws for Small Channel

Automatic Pool Covers uses a detachable rope on the slider for two main reasons. One reason is for the increased longevity of the pool cover’s fabric at the front of the cover. This slider allows the rope to be attached to the leading edge bar, limiting the amount of damage on the front of the cover. The second reason is that this slider allows the cover to open more stable and fluid. 

Note: This part can be used to replace AQ1099P, RP8075 or RA3004 on a Top Track or Under Track system.  It will also work in a PCS 2-channel track application.  For APC systems, you use this slider when your automatic pool cover is controlled with a Key Switch.

Key Information:

-Color: Black

-For Small Channel Track

-Set of Two

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. HC0002
APC Nylock Nut 5/16" - #18 SS
N.A.   HC0024
APC Carriage bolt 5/16-18x1" S/S
N.A.   HC0092
Washer - APC Flat 5/16" 18-8 SS
N.A.   HC0249
Screw - APC-Aquamatic-PCS for UG Slider
N.A. MC0601
APC Universal Small Channel Slider undertrack