Under-Track Hardware Installation Kit

Pool Cover Specialist (PCS)
$ 433.69

Pool Cover Specialist Under-Track Hardware Installation Kit

This PCS Under-Track Hardware Kit contains the necessary hardware used when mounting the PCS Under-Guide/track.  It is used in many different under guide/track applications. 

Key Information:

  • - 2-Guide Feeds
  • - 2-End Cap Pulleys
  • - 2 Splices
  • - Assorted Hardware
  • - Under-Track/Guide Not Included.

NOTE: It is recommended that guides be checked and if necessary replaced at the same time a new cover gets installed.

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
Ring Pins (Set of 2)
Rope Loop
N.A. 33250
#10 X 5/8 in. Phillips Pan Head Screw
Red Plastic #12 Anchor
N.A. 14064
PCS Positive Stops, For Outside Slider track (fits 55031)
N.A. M0104
801/403 UG Guide Splice 1/4"x1/2"x3"
Under-Track Guide Feed Kit (Set of 2)
Under-Track End Cap Pulley Assembly (Set of 2)