Smart Bi-Directional Auto Stop

$ 525.45

Pool Cover Specialist Waterproof Smart Board:

PCS smart Bi-Directional Auto Stop technology, which stops the pool cover at each end of the pool without producing a hard "Impact".  This technology adds longevity to the life of the motor and eliminates unnecessary wear on the cover as well as the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Key Information:

  • - Includes Bi-Directional Auto Stop technology
  • - Works with the motor Part# E2000
  • - Works w/Line Voltage Keyswitch & Sensor


Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. H0402
1/2" NPT Sealing Ring w/ SS Retainer
N.A. H0420
.50 in NPT Steel Sealing Nut
N.A. E0401
Connector Watertight w/Nut (For 3 or 4 wire S/O cord)
N.A. E1031
Liquid tight connector (black) 3207
N.A. 11431
PCS Hall Effect Sensor Wire Assembly 2012 for Baldor motor