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Single Dog Drive Gear - Right

$ 87.33

Coverstar Single Dog Right Drive Gear (Marked Red)

This Coverstar Single Dog Drive Gear is part of the mechanism attached to the motor and/or the rope reel.  This stainless steel Single Dog makes the cover’s gears turn to open and close the cover. There are two Single Dog gear, one mounts to the motor to open and the other mounts to the rope reel to close without any trouble. The Coverstar gears are one of the most important parts of the cover motor mechanism.

Key Information:

- Works for Deck Mount units motor Right

- Works for Under or Recessed Top-Track units motor Left

- Works with Coverstar CS1800, CS3000, Swimwise & Coverluxe units

- Need Screws for the Single Dog Gear, order 4 per gear - Part #H0291

- Sold Individually