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Save-T® Cover II Edition Motor Adapter Plate

$ 74.49

Save-T Cover II Edition Motor Adapter Plate (Adapts Coverstar Motor to Cover Pools Mechanism) 

Coverstar offer a conversion kit that will allow the motor and switch to be used with other brand’s mechanisms.  To mount the Coverstar motor to a Cover Pools (CP) Save-T Cover II unit, you need to use this mouting plate with hardware to create the necessary spacing to align the Coverstar motor to the Cover Pools unit.

If power switch is low-voltage, it must be replaced with a new Coverstar Lever Control Part #A0605.  If a TouchPad is desired, use Part #A2469-A

Note:  Motor & Switch Not Included

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. H0001
Washer - Split Lock 1/4"
N.A. H0002
Washer - Flat 1/4" SS
N.A. RA1020
CP Motor Retro Bracket Assembly (Mount Coverstar Motor to Cover Pools II/Diamond Edition)
N.A. H0205
Bolt - HH 1/4-20 x 3/4 (Mounts motor mounting plate to motor & motor bracket to body)
N.A. H1076
Pem Stud 1/4" - #20 x 1 1/4"