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Rope Reel Brake Assembly (Eclipse)

$ 69.69

Coverstar Rope Reel Brake Assembly (Eclipse)

This Coverstar Brake Assembly is for the motor end and is used with the Coverstar Eclipse Cover System. This Brake is what limits the amount of free spin the cover reel has, ensuing tight roll ins and outs.

Key Information:

  • - Motor End
  • - For Eclipse
  • - This Is The Assembly

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A.   H9680
Brake spring for Rope Reel .312 O.D. x .53 long x .051 wire SS
N.A.   H9690
Screw - Set Screw 3/8-16 x 3/4" SS
N.A. H9696
Nut - 3/8-16" SS (Thin)
Rivet, Semi-Tubular .250 Grip
Rope Containment Block - Eclipse
N.A. M4467
Eclipse Rope Reel Brake Block
N.A. M4624
Rope Containment & Brake Bracket (Eclipse)