Rocker Switch Assembly

$ 234.39

This is an alternate switch for all applications that would use a standard Coverstar switch or Touch Pad. Coverstar will continue to offer other switch options. This is a sleek IP rated & UL listed switch that comes in the Coverstar standard aluminum switch housing. This switch is rated to work up to 20A 125VAC ¾ HP & 10A 250VAC ¾ HP motors (Standard 110V & 220V Motors).

Notes:  Coverstar hydraulic pumps run over ¾ HP and this switche is not rated to work with those applications.

  • - For hydraulic motor, use A0605
  • - After market replacement key is Part# E1046

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. E1026
Indicator Light for Key Switch
N.A. M9532
Switch Cover Top die cast aluminum
N.A. A1719
4 pk 6-32 x 7/8 zinc screw (H9746)