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Rexroth Run Capacitor - Hydraulic Power Pack

$ 294.11

Rexroth Run Capacitor for Hydraulic Power Pack - 220V

This Capacitor is one of the two used in the Coverstar Hydraulic Power Pack.  This Capacitor is used while the motor is running.  The Start Capacitor is part #D0053.  The run capacitor is wired in series with the start winding of the motor and stays in the circuit all of the time.  They are designed to dissipate heat associated with continuous operation of the motor.  The whole purpose of the run capacitor is to bring the start winding back in phase with the run winding. The start winding is slightly out of phase with the run winding to provide starting torque for the motor. The run capacitor also provides “running torque” once the motor is up and running.

Key Information:

  • - Power Pack Is Sold Separately
  • - Each Capacitor Is Sold Separately