Red Plastic #12 Anchor

$ 1.22

Plastic Cement Anchor #12 Red

Use to mount Top & Under Track, Lid Brackets, and other things associated with an automatic pool cover installation. This anchaor is designed to be used in brick, hollow block or concrete. The ribs help to prevent anchor from turning in the hole during installation.  The split in the anchor helps ensure expansion on 2 opposing sides.  Provides superior rust and corrosion protection

When installing, you need to drill a 1/4' hole to begin with and then gently but firmly work your anchor into place. You want it to fit securely without bending or deforming the anchor vents as it goes in.

Key Information:

- Sold As 1 Anchor

- Used with Screws (Part #A1718) for Mounting Standard Top-Guide & Under-Guide Aluminum Lid Brackets


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