PowerFlex Rope Custom (Per Ft.)

$ 2.56

Coverstar PowerFlex Rope Custom (Per Ft.) 

Coverstar’s PowerFlex Rope was redesigned in 2013 from all black to white with a double diamond tracer (.250 Diameter), proven to be compatible with all major pool cover brands. A unique Coverstar manufacturing process actually puts stretch into the rope, as a built-in shock absorber without compromising strength or overall integrity. Resulting in a much stronger and more forgiving rope.

PowerFlex Rope is made with Nylon to enhance the strength of the rope. Many other ropes are made of Kevlar. With its Nylon make-up, this allows easy repairs to frays that the other Kevlar ropes do not provide. PowerFlex Ropes will last the same amount of time as your cover or longer.

Note: It is recommended that both ropes be replaced at the same time.