Non Motor End Casting used with Old PCS Extruded Tube

Pool Cover Specialist (PCS)
$ 299.10

Pool Cover Specialist (PCS) Non Motor End Casting Assembly:

This is a PCS Roll Tube Non Motor End Casting. A Roll Tube End Casting is what makes the roll tube work. It attaches to the roll tub, which makes the cover roll into the cover box. This part is essential for opening your automatic pool cover.  This 6” Roll Tube End Casting works with the Original PCS extruded roll tube.


- Only works with the Original PCS Extruded Tube

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. M9538
PCS Composite 6" tube insert (for old PCS extruded tube)
N.A. M9845
3 in Square Cone Adapter114
Stainless Steel Lock Washer
Hex Head Machine Stainless Steel Bolt
Bolt HH (3/8-16 X 1'') (Cone to Casting)
Self Tapping 10-32 x 5/8" Stainless Steel Screws