Inverted Gunite Encapsulation 22' Length

Automatic Pool Covers (APC)
$ 332.00

Automatic Pool Cover (APC) Inverted Retainer - 22'

This is also referred to in the industry as Under-Track Encapsulation.  This is used for Under-Track or under copping applications.  The cover guide can be encapsulated in the side wall of the pool under the deck edge. The deck edge can be formed with concrete, brick or stone installed overtop of the encapsulation. 

Encapsulation Benefits:

  • - Consistent guide and coping installation
  • - Ease of use for installing cover guides
  • - Increased variety of pool shapes
  • - Superior method for servicing cover guides
  • - APC offers 2 Under-Track options:
  •      - Large channel is Part# XC0054
  •      - Small channel is Part# XC0007