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Eclipse Under-Guide Rope Reel Assembly with Gears - Right

$ 1,592.62

Eclipse Under-Guide Rope Reel Assembly with Gears - Right (After 2/14)

Key Information:

- Eclipse Model

- Under-Guide Right

- After 2/14

- Motor location is determined by standing behind the motor mechanism and looking out at the pool

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
Eclipse Drive Shaft Assembly - Left
N.A. A1573
Shifting Gear w/Bronze Bushing Single Dog RT/UG Right & Deck Left - (Eclipse)
N.A. A3651
Eclipse ME Solid Cone/Bronze Bushing After 2/14
Shifting Spring - Dog Ear
Shifting Dog Ear Cap
N.A. M0513
Eclipse Rope Reel 304 SS Casting
N.A. M4554
Plastic Shaft Bushing (Eclipse)
N.A. M4656
Bushing UHMW with tabs for SS rope reel
Screw - SHMS 1/4" - #20 x 3/4"
N.A. H0509
Screw - Socket Head 1/4" - #20 x 1/2" (Holds rope reel gear in place, Eclipse 2012)
N.A. H9710
Screw - Slot Drive Cup Point 1/4" - #20 x 3/8" SS
N.A. M4552
Eclipse Split Cone bushing UHMW