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Eclipse Drive Shaft Assembly - Left

$ 367.62

Coverstar Drive Shaft Assembly - Deck Left

This Coverstar Double Dog is part of the mechanism attached to the motor. This stainless steel Double Dog makes the cover’s gears turn to open and close the cover. It's reversible gears allow the motor to open and close without any trouble. The gear assembly is one of the most important parts of the cover motor mechanism.

Key Information:

- Eclipse Model Only

- Deck Mounted Left

- For Under or Recessed Track Right

- Comes with Shaft, Double Dog, Drive Pin

- Motor location is determined by standing behind the motor mechanism and looking out at the pool

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
N.A. M4569
Drive Shaft 1 1/4" (Eclipse)
N.A. H9685
Bolt - 1/2" - 1/3" x 3" x HHSS

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