Cover Cleaner - Quart

All Seasons
$ 42.00

All Seasons Cover Cleaner

Dirt and debris can cause damage to a pool cover’s fabric. Cleaning your cover regularly can improve the life expectancy of your cover. All Season’s cleaner and protectant helps to repel dirt, dust, and sand.  Our products have UV inhibitors, protecting the cover from fading and stains while increasing pliability, and is custom formulated for all brands of automatic safety covers to be environmentally safe. A clean cover can improve the overall image of your pool and backyard, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere at your home.

All Seasons Cleaner Provides:

  • - Enhanced Image - Your clean cover says good things about you.
  • - Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs - Good maintenance helps to identify problems early and can improve your covers performance and can eliminates costly repairs down the road.
  • - Longer Vehicle Life - Caked-on dirt and debris can shorten a cover's life by causing and concealing damage to the cover fabric & the system itself.  Covers that are cleaned regularly serve longer and perform more dependably.
  • - Improved Safety - Clean covers are safer because operators can rely on their continued operation.