Bison Motor with Infinity 4000 motor plate attached

$ 2,591.01

*Important note - The manufacturer is currenty out of motors and will be out for the upcoming weeks. Orders will be completed first in, first out. 


Bison Motor with Pool Cover Specialist Infinity 4000 motor plate attached.  With the introduction of the Bison motor (A3505) PCS has also developed a retrofit kit, to replace the motor on existing systems with a new Bison motor.

Key Information:

  • - Includes Bi-Directional Auto Stop technology
  • - Includes the motor Part# E2000
  • - Includes Mounting Plate Part# 22780-GLD
  • - Works w/Low Voltage Keyswitch & Sensor
  • - Replaced the PCS Part# IN1000

Parts Included In This Assembly:

Order Qty Item
Mounting Plate for New Bison Motor
N.A. H0001
Washer - Split Lock 1/4"
N.A. H0002
Washer - Flat 1/4" SS
Bolt HH (1/4-20 x 1'')
N.A. A0570
PCS Low Voltage Motor w/control board