6" Composite Roll Tube Insert with Hardware - Each

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Coverstar 6" Composite Roll Tube Insert - Works With Standard & Extruded Tubes Includes Mounting Hardware (Each)

Coverstar 6" Roll Tube Insert - Composite

This is a Coverstar Composite 6” Roll Tube End Casting which works with both a standard or extruded roll tube.  A roll tube end casting is what makes the roll tube work.  These tubes are designed to support the cover fabric as it winds and unwinds over the pool area.  It attaches the motor to the roll tub, which makes the cover roll into the cover box.  This part is essential for opening your automatic pool cover.

Key Information:

- Works with Standard & Extruded tubes

- Mounting Hardware Included

- Made From A Composite Material

Parts Included In This Assembly:

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6" Roll Tube Insert Composite works w/Standard or Extruded Tube w/o Screws (Ea)