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3/4Hp Electric Motor (Only) for 110/220 Hydraulic Pack

$ 649.00

Aquamatic 3/4Hp Electric Motor (Only) for 110/220 Hydraulic Pack

Aquamatic’s unique all-fluid dual drive is elegant in its simplicity, yet very robust. The all-fluid drive eliminates the clutch (typical on every other automatic cover), and is self adjusting with no need for lubrication. One motor opens the cover, and one motor closes.  Turning the key, which actuates a proprietary solenoid valve to send the hydraulic fluid to the corresponding motors, controls the direction.  Another inherent part of this motor is their patented pressure relief valves, eliminating the need for electrical sensors or other electrical devices near the pool.

Key Information:

-3/4 HP

-Only for 110/120 Hydraulic Pack