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3/4 HP Motor Sensor Interface Kit

Automatic Pool Covers (APC)
$ 2,290.75

Automatic Pool Covers (APC) PowerTouch Motor with Sensor Interface Kit, Includes Adapter & Harness

This APC motor configuration comes with the Interface Kit to allow you to hook the APC 110v motor to the APC low voltage key switch.  The APC motor is sealed and injected with a “potting resin” to protect against water damage.  The power cord is designed with a quick disconnect to improve the water proofing capabilities of the APC motor.  By adding the quick disconnect, APC eliminates the externally connected wires from being directly connected to the internal wiring of the motor.  The quick disconnect feature also make replacing the motor easier when required.

Key Information:

  • 3/4 HP Electric Motor
  • - 1500 lbs of Torque
  • - Quick Disconnect Power Supply
  • - Sensor Interface Kit with Adapter & Harness
  • - Works with the APC Low Voltage Key Switch

Parts Included In This Assembly:

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N.A.   EA0053
APC 3/4 HP motor (without convertor box)
Kit for Magnetic Sensor Applications