2-Hole Tab with 150' Rope

Automatic Pool Covers (APC)
$ 285.82

APC 2-Hole Tab with 150' Rope

Rope Replacemet Kit for an APC system.  The 2-hole tab is used on the APC Top & Flush Track Carriages.  There are 4 bolts on the Carriages attached to the two tabs.  The two tabs are designed to be separated so you can replace a broken rope by using the Carriage as a splice.

When you have to replace a rope:

  • - You cut the rope between the 2 tabs.  
  • - You leave the 2-hole tab attached to the Carraige with the small bit of rope coming out of the fabric.
  • - You remove the screws & the two hole tab from the Carriage that is attached to the rope pulling the cover across the pool.
  • - You attach the new rope with the 2-hole tab to the 2 open bolts on the Carriage.