150' Rope with Tab for Repair on Non-Detachable Sewn-In Rope

$ 256.87

Coverstar 150' Rope with Tab (No Holes) for Repair on Non-Detachable Sewn-In Rope (2015 with Silver Tracer)

Rope Repair Kit fits up to 60' Track Length - rope is 150' long  (Enough to repair one side only; if both sides of cover require repair, order quantity 2).  Can be used on other makes.

Note: If ropes break on your pool cover system, it is absolutely possible to repair them.  While it is our recommendation that repairs to ropes be done by a qualified serive technicians, it is possible given the proper ropes, instructions and time for you to replace your own broken cover ropes.

Parts Included In This Assembly:

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N.A. C2062
Detachable Semi Rigid Rope Tab Only w/holes - 2017